The Work Pod Lite

Introducing the WorkPod Lite – a sleek, minimalist version of its predecessor that brings some extra breathing room to your home. This backyard sanctuary requires no permit and can be easily installed to suit your needs. Measuring 8’7″ x 8’12” with 80 square feet of interior space, this “backyard room” is perfect for a home gym, office, or even a spare bedroom. You can even customize it to your liking! The WorkPod Lite comes pre-wired with multiple outlets, ready to connect to your power source of choice. Made with a solid steel framing foundation, 2 layers of plywood, honeycomb paper, bitume, housewrap, and vinyl, it is weatherproof and can be used all year round. Choose to assemble it yourself or let our professional team handle the job for you. Elevate your backyard and claim your own personal oasis with the WorkPod Lite.

The Work Pod Lite
The Work Pod Lite

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