BALMUDA The Brew Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker


Meet BALMUDA The Brew, the automatic pour-over coffee maker that combines an elegant design with advanced technology to bring the perfect cup of joe right to your fingertips. Now you can experience the artisanal taste of hand-crafted coffee without every lifting a finger. Taking its cues from science, BALMUDA The Brew carefully controls the temperature and drip rate in units as precise as 0.2㎖. Plus, with ‘bypass pouring’ BALMUDA eliminates the bitter aftertaste often found in a regular pour over cup- providing balance for truly optimal flavors and aromas. Sleek and modern in its stainless steel and matte black design, BALMUDA is sure to impress even the most fashionable of tastes. So why wait? Get started on the path towards your perfect brew today with BALMUDA The Brew Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker!

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