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The Botany of Beer: An Illustrated Guide to More Than 500 Plants Used in Brewing


For beer-lovers of all stripes, the global suds scene is a never-ending exploration. From mass-produced lagers to crafty IPAs; from Trappist monastery recipes handed down through generations to brewery innovators who capture their region’s unique terroir in every bottle; it’s amazing how much variety comes from the same humble grains and hops. You might say that where beer unites us, plants provide a delightful way for us to toast our differences!

This all-encompassing and visually stunning book, crafted by botanical aficionado Giuseppe Caruso, celebrates plants used in making beer from around the world. Featuring over 500 species with his own personal ink illustrations to accompany each entry, this guide dives deep into details that any brewer needs to know. Everything is covered here – scientific classification and common names plus morphology, geographical distribution & habitat info as well as cultivation guidelines. Not only that but you’ll also be able to uncover which parts of the plant are employed for brewing purposes, any potential toxicity levels and examples of beers/styles they can be used in too! Plus there’s even a special look back at traditional practices if you’re looking to recreate old-school ales. Cheers!

The Botany of Beer

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