Star Wars Orbitkey Key Organizers


Prevent your keys from scattering like a Death Star explosion with the Star Wars Orbitkey Key Organizer. Drawing inspiration from iconic Star Wars characters, ships, and vehicles, the Orbitkey series offers a diverse range of designs. From the subtly elegant red stripe on a black background that embodies Darth Vader, to more vivid renditions of the TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon in mid-flight. For enthusiasts of The Mandalorian, there are options like the sleek black Mando with brown stitching, and the delightful Grogu featuring a fuzzy beige exterior complemented by a key lime green interior. Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with these Star Wars-inspired key organizers.

The design of Orbitkey stays true to the brand’s signature loop construction, crafted from exquisite full-grain cowhide or suede leather. It boasts an award-winning secure locking mechanism, ensuring your keys are always held in place. With a quick 180-degree spin, effortlessly access any or all of the 2 to 7 keys neatly stored within the loop. To complete this elegant organizer, a D-ring is included for attaching car keys and fobs.

Star Wars Orbitkey Key Organizers

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