Hardgraft Layover Holdall


Embark on the captivating JOURNEY of life. It’s not a straight and narrow path, but rather an unpredictable ride, filled with thrilling layovers that often end up becoming the most cherished moments. With our unique design, we take you on a journey of DEPTH and LAYERS – showcasing the beauty of leather and the essence of adventure. It’s not just a bag, it’s an experience that adds a surprising and unusual depth to your journey.


This bag surpasses expectations with its GENEROUS size – measuring 45 X 30 X 25 CM / 17.7″x 11.8″x 9.8″) and equipped with a premium metal zip that opens to a staggering 60CM, with a maximum height of 35CM. The materials are unparalleled, crafted from PREMIUM vegetable-tanned Italian leather, lined with dark grey wool, and adorned with intricate veg-tan leather detailing. Every aspect is made in Italy – from the materials to the main attraction. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with our exquisite bag.

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