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Fruzi Freezable Insulated 6-Pack Holder


Show up to the party with your six closest friends – beer that is! With Fruzi Freezable Insulated 6-Pack Holder, your drink of choice will stay frosty for hours. It features six adjustable neoprene coozies with freezable gel-pak insulation and aluminum lining for extra chilling power. Don’t worry if you like tall bottles or slim cans – this baby fits both. And it keeps getting better! This bad boy also comes with a paracord carrier and bottle opener – so you can conveniently open drinks without the hassle of hauling around an extra tool. It’s time to stock up – grab your Fruzi Freezable Insulated 6-Pack Holder today and show up to the party in style! The only trouble? Deciding which beers’ll make the cut.

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