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Byrna Mission 4


Ensure the security of your home without the risks associated with firearms by using the Byrna Mission 4. This exceptional pneumatic rifle fires non-lethal rounds, effectively immobilizing intruders while avoiding permanent damage. Crafted with a magnesium receiver and anodized aluminum barrel, the gun is easily identifiable as a non-lethal weapon with its distinct orange markings. Powered by CO2, it can shoot between 50 and 60 rounds per 88g canister, boasting a 100-foot effective range. Equipped with flip-up adjustable front and rear sights, it guarantees precision. This comprehensive bundle includes the rifle, two 19-round coupled magazines, four 88g CO2 cartridges, two 95-count packages of Byrna Kinetic rounds, an accessory kit, and a rifle bag to keep everything secure..

Byrna Mission 4
$749 $899

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