Fries on the Fly Universal Car French Fry Holder


Usually when you’re driving, having “Fries on the Fly” means, shoving a box of greasy goodness between your thighs, or worse yet, sitting on the passenger seat in a to-go bag that keeps tilting away from you and spilling those precious potatos all over the floor.

Fries on the Fly is a universal car french fry holder that solves all of your driving with fries problems. On the bottom it has a cylindrical tray that slips into any standard vehicle cup holder. And on the top, a hard plastic pocket shaped just like a typical french fry box.

And on the rare occasion you’re not eating fries while driving, you can also use the Fries on the Fly holder to store cell phones, wallets, juice boxes and other items that don’t normally fit in your round cup holders.