Wood Burning Hot Tub


Now you can add some modern style to your yard and enjoy a nice hot soak without the need of electricity!  Just add wood and water and you are ready to go.

Indulge in this eye catching fire hot tub and amaze your guests with a hot tub that makes a statement. Enjoy the simplicity of relaxing in the tub while you watch as the flames naturally produce steaming hot water. The vintage appeal of a fire hot tub has been combined with modern elements to create an experience like no other.

The wood burning hot tub (or dutch tub) also includes a clear top cover to enclose the tub when not in use which has chrome handles, does not need to be plugged in to power or connected to any drain, has a ledge to set your drinks on, can hold up to 200 gallons of water, weighs 330 lbs, is made from fiberglass, and measures 63 inches x 63 inches x 32.3 inches

Just in time for the coming winter months..  Buy it for $4450

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