Fact: Women Prefer Men With Great Hair


man with great hair

It’s never easy to pinpoint the traits that women like in a man. Some like their men tall. Others prefer a muscular partner. Research suggests that women almost unanimously prefer at least one trait.

Men with great hair.

What is considered great hair?

The good news is that a wide range of hairstyles can be considered “great.” Popular fashion is largely determined by celebrity fads, but you’re more likely to find success with a timeless hairstyle that looks good on you, not some famous stranger.

What are the best hairstyles?

When it comes to selecting your greatest hairstyle, you must always consider the shape of your face. Certain hairstyles allow you to take advantage of angles and facial features that are scientifically attractive. This study gives some great haircut ideas for every face shape.

Interestingly, this study shows that hairstyle has a more profound effect than just looking nice on the top of your head. Mastering the power of hair fashion will allow you to pull attention away from your weakest features. For example, a man with a round head can keep the sides of his hair shorter than the top. This creates a tapering effect that will protrude from the hair down to the chin. As a result, the man’s round chin will appear more angular and masculine.

man with great hair in shower

What to do between haircuts?

You probably realized that most of today’s trendy hairstyles require some added length up top. These extra inches will benefit greatly from being treated right in the shower. Make sure to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner, but not every day. Wash your hair every other day to prevent drying it out.

Unless you have the face for a buzz cut, you will most likely need to style your hair every morning. Products like fibers and defining pastes provide good hold and very little shine. A higher shine makes it more obvious that you styled your hair in the morning. These days, the greatest hairstyles are the ones that look the most effortless. However, do what works for your specific type of hair — for example, black hair care requires more product and attention than other types.

The bad news is that maintaining great hair requires some work. The good news is that putting that work in will give you one of the few scientific advantages in attracting women. If you want to start looking better, study the shape of your face, get an appropriate haircut, and pick up some low-shine products that you can use every day.


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