Withings Activité Fitness Tracker


If you’re one of those people who would like the functions of a fitness tracker, but want a nice stylish option you can wear with your suit and tie as well as in the pool.. you’re in luck.

The Withings Activité features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and a French calf leather strap in black or brown. All Swiss made, the dual face watch has beautiful modern style.  The second face of the Withings Activité functions as an analog representation of your daily objectives you sen your Heath Mate App (number of steps, sleep time, ect).  It tracks everything with a built-in accelerometer that will automatically switch between modes and vibrate when you have completed an objective.  To manage the functions on the watch, you just double tap the glass.  And unlike most wearable fitness trackers this one does not require constant charging, it runs on a standard button watch battery that will last for one full year.

BUY $400


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