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Over the years, Las Vegas has become a Mecca for the Watch Enthusiast. Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors every year, and a large percentage of them are wealthy.  With the high volume of potential buyers the watch and jewelry stores in Las Vegas can afford to carry much larger selections including many of the hard to find Masterpieces. Serious Watch Collectors know this and in turn create even higher volume of buyers!

One of my favorite places to shop for watches in Las Vegas is Roman Times (and their Hublot Boutique).  Roman Times is a Family Owned affair that has been a fixture in the Forum Shops since the early days (when most people thought it was crazy to open a mall in a Strip Casino)

As Las Vegas’s reputation as a watch buying destination grew, so did the collection at Roman Times, from G-Shocks and Movados in the 90’s to  distinguished brands such as IWC, Chopard and Ulysse Nardin today. And let’s not forget what is now the number one Hublot Boutique in the world attached to the main store! Currently you can find anything from a $1000 TAG Heur to a $1 Million Roger Dubuis in their showcases.



What really sets Roman Times apart from the other watch stores in Vegas?  In a word.. the Staff.  Everyone I have met at Roman Times is a certified watch nut.  The attitude at Roman Times is not your typical stuffy affair, the staff enjoys what they do and it shows when you work with them.

With the huge clientele that Roman Times has attracted over the years, it is no surprise to learn that they are the Top Retailers for many of the brands they carry, and with that comes access to some of the Hardest to Find watches in the world.  In fact the last time I was in the store they had several one of a kind pieces and even some number Ones and even Zeros of highly collectible limited editions.

Here is a gallery with a small selection of the amazing pieces I saw last time in the store.

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So if you are in the market for a new timepiece give the guys at Roman Times a Call!

As of my last visit to Roman Times, they carried the following watch brands

Give them a call at 702-733-8687 or check them out online Roman Times and Facebook


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