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Turntable Lab was established in 1999 by Anthony Cattarina, Jasper Goggins, and Peter Hahn in Peter’s college apartment. The trio formed the idea for the Lab based on numerous negative experiences at stores that sold dj equipment: both big musical instrument chains and shady Canal Street stereo stores. Turned off by haggling, uninformed salesmen, and questionable product, Turntable Lab built its business on fair pricing, informed reviews, and a well researched selection of “Lab approved” items . Most of the Lab’s employees are working djs / producers / musicians, which helps to ensure this high standard.

While they are mostly geared toward DJ’s their selection of Turntables, gear, and of course vinyl is top notch.  If you love music and want to hear it the way it was meant to be heard, you need to check them out!

Check them out!




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