TRAK Folding Kayak


Summer is upon us, and with it comes Kayaking weather!  Now you can travel in style and keep your Kayak with you.  The Trak Folding Kayak fits easily in your trunk and is easy to check as luggage on any airline!

The T-1600 kayak assembles and breaks back down in 7 steps and 10 minutes or less. Its parts consist of a stern frame section, a bow frame section, a PolyTrak shell, TPS jacks, an ultra-strong coaming, a command seat, float bags, and a neoprene spray skirt. In action the boat is capable of navigating beginner to expert paddlers through an array of water conditions thanks to its rigid, adaptable hull with cockpit-mounted hydraulics enabling kayakers to shift the hull’s shape on command. Pull or release the handling to adjust the hull for quick tracing, smooth turning , or neutralizing a cross-wind without a rudder.

The T-1600 claims to be tough enough to weather any intensity of ocean waves or river rapids as well. Its DuraTrak frame is made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, and all of its tubing is connected with shock-cording. The kayak’s expedition-grade PolyTrak shell is also completely waterproof, largely puncture-proof, and abrasion-resistant.

Your new best folding friend includes a storage system built into the hull featuring an aluminum extrusion on a track to provides quick, clear access to gear without dealing with accident-prone hatches.

Get one for $3999

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