The Revival of Votum Swiss Mechanical Watches



There is the passion for mechanical Swiss watches shared by Rolf Bodmer, born in 1957, designer and graphic artist from Zurich, and François Zahnd, born in 1961, watch manufacturer and watch industry expert in the city of Biel. The two men met at an industry event in the summer of 2015 and decided to revive an old and the dormant watch brand. The watch label Votum was founded in 1962 in Biel and produced impressive watches up to the beginning of the 70s. During that time Biel was growing, the watch industry was prosperous. Then came the massive depression of the 70s, but the know-how and the industrial significance remained in the city and the cosmopolitan and open vibe of this bilingual city is still unique. Here, along the French and German language border, evidence of the watch industry is omnipresent.


Through their interest in watches Rolf Bodmer and François Zahnd fell a little bit in love with Biel and its history. The first new Votum collection expresses this affinity. A striking dial design was reinterpreted by the protagonists in the model “Heritage” and some elements of the small seconds and rotating bezel were incorporated in the first collection. Initially the production of the new Votum watches is limited to men’s models, with the makers being well aware that women are fond of men’s size watches, too.


Visit their Kickstarter to get in on the revival


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