The Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub and Frame


So, you’re enjoying a nice relaxing camping trip in the mountains, and the only thing that would make it better is a nice long soak in a hot tub.  But strapping a big bulky hot tub to the top of your car is out of the question… until now.

The gentlemen over at The Original Nomad have created a collapsible hot tub and frame that you can take with you, or just set up in your backyard when ever you want to use it.

It sets up easy and takes about 10 minutes to fill up.

The Original Nomad heater coil is a hot water on demand unit that can be heated with propane, natural gas (typically for permanent tub installations) or firewood. It’s constructed from 1.25″ stainless steel and uses thermosyphoning to circulate the water, so no water pump is needed.

So next time you’re enjoying the mountains or the lake, enjoy a nice hot soak in your tub as well.

Buy it for $995

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