The Hublot MP-05 La Ferrari



The first thing that strikes you when you see the MP-05 La Ferrari is, how completely different this watch is from any Hublot you’ve ever seen.

Designed to resemble the engine compartment of the new Super Car from Italian Motoring Icon, Ferrari, the watch reminds you of a high horsepower engine.  In fact, the design was conceived in collaboration with the designers from The Maranello based automaker.


The in-house movement is comprised of 637 components, the most Hublot has ever used in one timepiece, but what really sets it apart from anything you’ve seen is the 11 barrels, arraigned in a line that gives the MP-05 a record breaking 50 day power reserve.   Hublot accomplished this feat, by transferring the power from one barrel to the next in a chain.

The La Ferrari also features a suspended vertical tourbillon display at the 6 o’clock position that acts as the seconds display when viewed from above.

The time is displayed via a rotating drum system in the top right corner of the watch, the upper barrel conveying the hour and the lower barrel, the minutes.

The two drums on the left hand side of the watch, display the power reserve.  All the indices are coated in Superluminova to aid in low light viewing.

The watch is surprisingly light considering it’s size, as it is constructed of titanium (an 18kt gold version is available), and it fits very comfortably even on a smaller wrist such as mine.

Setting and winding the La Ferrari is a unique experience as well. Setting the time is achieved via a small port on the underside of the watch, using a tool included in a key chain fob.


Winding the MP-05 is another adventure,  you can use the other small hand tool or the included Power Drill that resembles the ratchet gun used by F1 racing teams.  Insert the drill into a port at the 12 o’clock position and pull the trigger.

It took me about 10 minutes to go from 1-50 days of reserve, but watching the movement turn while you wind it will keep you mesmerized.

The luxury doesn’t end with the watch, the MP-05 comes in a Ferrari Leather lined Display Case with a push button electronic lid that rises to give you access to your watch.


In my opinion Hublot had truly created a watch worthy of the “Masterpiece” designation.

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