The Godfather.. Shave like a man.


All right Gentlemen.. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. THROW AWAY YOUR CARTRIDGE RAZOR!  Did I make myself clear?  You are wasting money on an inferior shave.  When you pay $5 or more for a refill (not counting the starter kit) you are just paying for marketing.  The best shave you can get (short of a straight razor) is a Safety Razor.  One blade, and a much closer shave.  Did I mention the refills are cheap?  If you buy in bulk you can get them for less than $.10 a piece, and if you use them properly (like flipping them every couple of shaves) they will last much longer than that crappy Cartridge Shaver.

Want a great starter razor? Check out the Godfather from Vikings Blade.

Vikings Blade, an Australia-based men’s grooming company with Swedish heritage and influences. It’s a shaving utensil based on the tradition of a heavy duty head and feel, with a microcomb system along the edges to help prevent nicks. Vikings Blade razors are handcrafted from imported Swedish materials–brass and bronze alloys–and coated with chrome glossed to supershine. The company emphasizes the razors are not made from pot metals or zamak.

The Godfather comes in a leatherette and suede travel case and includes 5 extra unbranded blades.


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