The Finnish Grill House



Are you tired of loosing the neighborhood competition for the “Best Barbecue”? With this Finish Grill House, you will be the all time Reigning Champion of the Grill!

Made from Finnish pine, this is the authentic grill house that replicates the all-season backyard cooking huts found throughout Scandinavia. This traditional six-sided “grillikota” contains a central charcoal grill surrounded by dining space for up to ten adults, ensuring that barbecues and campfire gatherings are not restricted to the summer months. Grillmasters can prepare food on a large central grate, which can be swiveled and raised or lowered, and on a smaller side grate ideal for a coffee pot or kettle. The cooking area is surrounded by folding tables for convenient serving and eating, while a hood and double flue ensure that smoke is safely expelled through the chimney. Five bench seats line the 99 sq. ft. wood-floored interior, a nook over the door provides storage, and strips of LEDs provide lighting at night. Double-glazed windows and a shingled roof insulate the cozy space during the winter, while the windows and the top half of the split door can be opened in warmer weather to create a breezy retreat. Window planters on the exterior walls complement the rustic cottage design. Includes six place settings and real reindeer hides to decorate the interior in authentic Scandinavian style

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