The Beer Peen Hammer


Are you tired of those boring bottle openers?  Get yourself a Beer Peen Hammer and start a conversation as you open that next bottle of beer!

The story behind this bottle opener goes something like this. Someone found an antique ball peen hammer at an estate sale that he thought would function as a bottle opener. Unfortunately, it didn’t, but that’s where the guys at Good Beer Hunting got the idea to make their own, purpose built Beer Peen Hammer Bottle Opener. After 3D prints and milled aluminum tests, they linked up with a century old foundry in Chicago to have their creation cast out of solid bronze with a black oxidized finish. It looks like a ball peen hammer. It feels like a ball peen hammer. Obviously, it opens beers in style as well. It also comes with a leather lace tie for hanging if you want to display it, and a custom waxed canvas tool bag for storage

Get one for $55

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