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Jubileon is an independent and aspiring watchmaker in sunny Singapore. Jubileon was founded in 2015 – when Singapore celebrated the Golden Jubilee – by two mechanical engineers in the advanced manufacturing industry who are fanatical about mechanical watches.

We have deep respect and reverence for the traditions of watchmaking, and our dream is to produce high quality Made in Singapore watches one day. Till then, every Jubileon watch will be of Swiss Made quality.

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The Superellipse is a premium Swiss Made automatic watch at an accessible price point. Its unique and unorthodox design – a combination of the beautiful cushion case and screwed down bezel – is highly provocative and is destined to polarize opinions. The name of the watch is inspired by the superellipse curve, which is the mathematical representation of the cushion shape.

Personally, we love it very much, and we hope that you will love it as much as we do!

At a glance:

  • Swiss Made.
  • Designed and engineered in Singapore.
  • Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 movement.
  • 39 mm wide, 9.4 mm thick, 50 mm lug-to-lug.
  • Sapphire crystals front and back.
  • 50 m water resistance.
  • Stainless steel 316L case, brushed and polished.
  • Custom decorative screw heads for bezel and caseback.
  • Engraved logo on crown and buckle.
  • Dial with applied indices and date window.
  • Leaf-shaped minute and hour hands with Super-Luminova C1.
  • First 500 pieces individually numbered.



Every detail matters – Many watchmakers opt for stock components in order to minimize cost and maximize profit. Not us. We have carefully designed and customized many of the components in Superellipse to ensure that it is an exquisite and truly unique watch.

Masterfully engineered – With deep experience in the advanced manufacturing industry, we uphold thehighest engineering standards when it comes to the engineering of the Superellipse. Every component is modelled on computer, so that our manufacturers know exactly what we want and we know exactly what you are getting.


The quest for perfection – As perfectionists, we have impossibly high standards and don’t settle for less. We have worked very hard with our manufacturers to ensure that the Superellipse is crafted meticulously to extremely high quality.

Swiss Made – A high quality watch must be manufactured by the very best, and that means Swiss Made. We are partnering with reputable and experienced partners in Switzerland who produce watches for several of the top brands in the world. It goes without saying that every Superellipse watch is hand-assembled in Switzerland by highly skilled watchmakers, as proven by the coveted Swiss Made brand.


The perfect package – When it comes to delivering quality and value, we don’t cut corners. The Superellipse is an assembly of features typically found only in high-end Swiss Made watches.


  • Case width: 39 mm.
  • Case width with crown: 43 mm.
  • Lug-to-lug: 50 mm.
  • Case thickness: 9.4 mm.
  • Lug width: 20 mm.


The dominant theme of the Superellipse is the iconic cushion shape, which is our personal favourite shape for watches. The cushion shape can be mathematically represented as asuperellipse curve, which inspired the name of the watch. In Superellipse, the cushion shape is hinted through the bezel, the caseback, the crown, the minute markings on the dial (although the prototype photos do not currently feature this), and at the base of the three hands.


Geometry definition of the bezel
Geometry definition of the bezel


The heart of the Superellipse is the Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 movement, an extremely rare choice for watches at this price point due its high cost. We chose ETA over other Swiss, Japanese and Chinese movements as ETA is one of the most trusted and establishedpowerhouses in movement manufacturing. With a reliable workhorse powering every tick, the Superellipse will be your trusted companion for many years to come.

ETA 2824-2 features and specifications:

  • 28,800 vibrations per hour (8 ticks per second).
  • Swiss Made 25 Jewels.
  • 38 hours running time.
  • Hour, minute, sweep second.
  • Date window at 3H position.

The case is a 3-component assembly comprising the bezel, body and caseback. Each piece is made of medical grade 316L stainless steel.

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To manufacture, each piece is first stamped out from a blank to get an approximate shape, and then machined to the final form. A non-circular shape means that the Superellipse case is more difficult to produce, where a lathe alone is insufficient.

Lastly, the chamfers are expertly polished to achieve the scintillating mirror finish, while the remaining surfaces are carefully brushed to get the beautiful hairline finish. The case has been meticulously designed, which is apparent from the many continuous curves on the case, such as the one joining the lugs to the side of the watch.


Being mechanical engineers, we make no secret of our love for screws, bolts and nuts. Naturally, rather than pressed-down, the bezel and the caseback are screwed-down to the main body with four screws each. The screws, which have customised screw heads that are beautifully polished, also double as ornamental adornments to the four corners of the bezel and the caseback.

The word ‘SUPERELLIPSE’ is laser-engraved on the top half of the caseback, while the first 500 Superellipse watches additionally feature a limited edition running number (No. 1, No. 2, … , No. 500) at the bottom half.


Both the bezel and the caseback are encased with sapphire crystals, which stay practically scratch-free even after years. For the caseback, the sapphire crystal provides a clear window to the intricate inner workings of the ETA 2824-2 movement.

We use sapphire crystals instead of mineral crystals even though they are several times more expensive. With hardness that is second only to diamond, the sapphire crystal is extremely scratch resistant and retain its brand new look even after many years in service.


The dial is a combination of pad-printed minute markings and applied hour indices. The hour indices are our proprietary design, which have multiple chamfers to improve reflectivity.

 project video thumbnail

The length of each minute markings have been carefully modified so that they form a unique superellipse shape (which unfortunately has been left out in the present prototype, but will be included in actual product).

For the wording layout, there are also two options:

  • Singapore edition – with ‘JUBILEON SINGAPORE’ on top and ‘AUTOMATIC’ below. This gives the dial a well-balanced feel.
  • International edition – with ‘JUBILEON AUTOMATIC’ on top and blank below. This is an alternate dial for backers who prefer not to have the word ‘SINGAPORE’ on the dial.

Note: You can choose the type of dial layout at the end of the campaign. 

Like many of the components in Superellipse, much attention has been paid to the design of the three hands. The leaf-shaped hour and minute hands are derivative of the superellipse shape – achieved by joining together two opposite curves in the superellipse shape.

In addition, each of the hand also sport a superellipse-shaped base. To ensure great visibility at low light,Super-LumiNova C1 pigments are applied on the hands, while an angled top surface (rather than a flat top surface) improves light reflection and legibility during the day.


To complete the Superellipse, we are offering three great strap options to pair the watch head:

  • Black genuine calfskin leather, embossed with crocodile pattern.
  • Black genuine calfskin leather, smooth.
  • Black woven nylon.

All three options come with a customised tongue buckle bearing the Jubileon logo, brushed to the same hairline finish as the case. We only have photographs of the first option at this moment and are working on high quality photographs of the other two.

Note: You can choose the strap type at the end of the campaign.

Genuine calfskin leather, with embossed crocodile pattern
Genuine calfskin leather, with embossed crocodile pattern

Also, we are exploring the possibility of working with a local leather artisan in Singapore to provide hand-stitched genuine leather as a premium option.

The Superellipse series is offered in three amazing styles:

  • Jet Black
  • Metallic Silver
  • Sunburst Grey

Each of the style pairs beautifully with the three strap options offered.

Note: You can choose the style and strap at the end of the campaign!



First backed, first served – The first 500 Superellipse watches are classified as Limited Editionand will be individually laser engraved with their respective number. The earlier you back, the lower your number will be!


We have not decided on any stretch goal for now, but we have some exciting ideas and so we are reserving this space!

Do let us know if there is anything that you would love to see on the Superellipse!

Based on the first prototype, we have made several design enhancements. As these are minor changes, we have decided not to go through another round of prototyping to save cost and money (which ultimately translates into cost savings for backers). These changes are listed below:

  • Minute markings in superellipse shape.
  • Logo on crown and buckle updated with a cleaner version.




We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality to our backers, and Superellipse is designed to be a timekeeping companion for many years to come. Therefore, we provide alimited warranty of manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years for every Superellipse watch after the original purchase.

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