Stahl Meteorite Poker Set


Designed and developed by Swedish jeweler, Stahl, The Meteorite Poker Set is the second most expensive poker set in the world, priced at $150,000. It is carved from an 800,000 year-old meteor located in northern Sweden which is known as “Muonionalusta“.

All of the elements included in the set are covered with 18-karat white gold and decorated with precious, premium quality stones such as diamonds, Burmese Rubies and Sri Lankan Sapphires. It contains 120 chips, a deck of cards of superb quality and five ivory die.

The interior of the set’s case is made from Swedish reindeer calf skins and the exterior is made from exquisite polished leather. It is hard to imagine this set being used to play an actual game, but if you are a rich collector that likes poker, this just might catch your eye.

BUY $150,000


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