Solo Stove



Are you looking for a compact stove that you can take camping or just keep around for emergencies? The Solo Stove is what you are searching for.
The Solo Stove is a compact natural convection inverted downgas gasifier stove that burn almost any fuel. The holes at the bottom of the stove channel air to the bottom of the fire and also channel warm air up thru the double wall and out the top inner holes. This preheated air circulated back down into the firebox causes a second combustion. This process creates a hot fire with very little smoke and it uses less wood than a standard camp fire.
If you are camping and want to quickly boil some water or heat up some diner, just grab a handful of twigs and place them in the stove and light it up.
You can remove the cooking ring and stow it inside the stove when not in use, making the stove nice and compact.

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