QuarterWave Layered Bluetooth Speaker


The Gentlemen at Smartwood Acoustics have created a hot new Bluetooth speaker, layered in construction and conveniently designed for the best possible sound and aesthetic. What makes the QuarterWave so unique is that it’s a handcrafted Bluetooth speaker system which implements an acoustic transmission line enclosure designed to produce full-range quality sound.

The QuarterWave is designed with the goal to provide music listeners with simple audio solution that looks and sounds brilliant.

Clean lines, gorgeous grains and beautiful stains give each QuarterWave a unique and unmistakable classy appearance. Each QuarterWave starts from quality wood which is precisely cut using a computer numerical controlled router to produce each of the unique layers. Once the layers are assembled and all necessary driver and equipment openings are cut, the enclosure is prepared, cleaned and finished to provide long lasting protection while further enhancing the wood grain.

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