Pelty – The Bluetooth Speaker Powered BY FIRE


So, imagine the power is out, and you are out of batteries for your speakers.  You could just sit there in the dark listening to the small speakers on your iPhone.  Or you could kill two birds with one stone, and create a little light and power a Bluetooth Speaker at the same time!

Pelty represents a technological revolution in the high-quality audio speakers’ market: it is the first Bluetooth speaker literally POWERED BY FIRE!

Yes, that’s true! Pelty works transforming the thermal energy generated by the heat of a candle into the electric energy necessary to power-up the speakers, with an excellent audio quality!

There is neither battery nor electric plug-in! Only the primitive energy of fire makes it work!

It’s elegant, it’s eco-friendly, it’s hand-made in Italy with natural materials (ceramic & glass), it’s unique… in one word: it’s awesome!!

You can get in now before the prices go up. Check out their Indiego Page.

Buy $229

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