Otto’s O.F.B.: your 970˚C/1700˚F grill for the perfect steak



Admit it, you love the steaks at your favorite and no matter how you try, you can’t quite get the same results at home.  Well now you’re in luck!  The Gentlemen over at Ottos have used the old German ingenuity and created the Ottos O.F.B

To prepare your steak like your favorite steakhouse they developed a grill that gives your steak what it needs: high temperatures of up to 970˚C/1700˚F. Such high temperatures are necessary for getting the steak a nice crust from the outside (for the (future-) experts among you: the process behind this is called Maillard reaction) while it remains tender and moist from the inside. The super hot temperatures are facilitated through the grill’s infrared technology, which produces radiant instead of convection heat. Otto’s O.F.B. is a high quality product made in Germany – there’s simply no other way to prepare the perfect steak at home!


Grilling the perfect steak with Otto’s O.F.B. is incredibly simple – you can’t get it wrong. Heat up the grill for about 3 minutes until it has reached its full temperature. Place your steak on the grid and grill it for about one minute from each side, depending on the cut, until it gets a tasty brown crust. The drip tray in the bottom of the grill collects the meat juices so that you can use them to prepare a delicious sauce in seconds. When your steak has developed a nice crust from the outside (Maillard reaction), let it rest in the bottom of the grill for some minutes until it has reached your desired cooking level. Use a meat thermometer if you want. Within a few minutes your perfect steak will be ready to serve – it’s never been so easy to prepare the most delicious steak at home! Of course, you can use Otto’s O.F.B. applying reverse searing technique or combine it with Sous Vide cooking. Otto’s O.F.B. is not only for steak – you can also use it to prepare other meats, burgers, fish, vegetables and desserts.

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