Mysterious Package Company



Want to add some Mystery to someones life? We found just the thing for you.

The Mysterious Package Company provides unique and custom-made gifts delivered by mail, and wrapped in a hand-crafted experience unlike any other. Custom made crates, letters and telegrams from long-lost relatives, and seemingly innocuous newspaper clippings add a richness to the curious goods contained within. Each experience is uniquely tailored to each person.

Mysterious Package Company is a members-only service. Membership is free, but you must fill in our application form in order to be considered as a member. They are more than simply a way to send packages, they are a community of like-minded people who believe that life needs to be less mundane.

An application does not guarantee membership, but it never hurts to try!

It is the policy of The Mysterious Package Company to neither confirm nor deny our involvement with any specific packages. That would be telling.

You had better check them out now!



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