Make Iced Coffee for the Summer..



With the heat of Summer well upon us, it’s time to enjoy some delicious iced coffee. But let’s be honest, buying it from the local Starbucks is going to slowly break you.  So here’s the secret to the perfect brew at home

To properly make a glass of iced coffee, you’re not just going to brew a pot of coffee and ice it down, that will just give you a bitter watered down brew that will ruin your day.  To do Iced Coffee properly you’re going to want to Cold Brew it.

While you can make a cold brew at home using a pitcher and some coffee filters, I have found the easiest way to make the perfect batch of cold brew is using the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System.

All you will need to do is add water, and coffee.  Then let it brew the desired time ( I like mine strong so I brew it for 24 hours) and then remove the plug and let it drain through the built in filter into the storage carafe.

It’s so easy, and so refreshing you might just keep drinking Iced Coffee well into the winter!


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