Limited Edition Ducati Diavel Titanium


Gold may satisfy the hearts and minds of bankers and politicians, but the metal lusted after by engineers and industrialists is titanium. The legendary Lockheed SR71 Blackbird, a United States Air Force reconnaissance aircraft, is composed of the light and strong element, enabling it to reach Mach III. Ready to bring that metal back to the ground for 500 lucky buyers, Ducati has announced the Diavel Titanium.

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Designers were asked to submit their wish lists for a modern superbike to create the Diavel Titanium. Black chrome covers a tubular steel frame and cradles the 162 HP Testastretta engine. Sporting 96 lb-ft of torque, innovative internals allow for a service interval of 15,000 km. Out back is a single sided swing arm with a 17″x 8″ forged wheel. Titanium covers the tank and LED headlight while carbon and machined alloys keep the curb weight to only 516 lbs. The front fork is a fully adjustable 50 mm Marzocchi, raked at a comfortable 28 degrees.

“The challenge of building a muscular silhouette over a pure-bred competition motor had to be met with determination and a delicate touch, and the result is a frontal area that looks like a power athlete on the starting blocks,” according to the team at Ducati Design responsible for the project as stated on their website. “With the front wheel kept close to the Diavel’s body and using the short tail of a sport bike, we were able to blend this muscular design with a chassis that matched.”

The ride control system offers multiple power and riding modes along with ABS braking and traction control. Ducati has raised the bar, and these 500 bikes will be instant collectibles.

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