Knot Me Up, Style Delivered to you Monthly.


Knot Me Up wants to help you add some style to your wardrobe with out Breaking the Bank!

Most guys don’t enjoy spending hours of their free time digging through the hundreds of ties at the local department store, just to realize the tie they like costs $150 or more.  At Knot Me Up they solve that problem.

Every Month the Team at Knot Me Up will ship you, your choice of a necktie, pocket square, or both, complete with some handy color coordination tips.

They also offer you a large selection of Neckties, Pocket Squares and other accessories for sale.


Anonimo… Names Don’t Matter

One of the biggest reason the best quality Neckties have those outrageous price tags is the Name on the Tag.

At Knot Me Up, their exclusive brand is Anonimo (Italian for Anonymous). We believe that Names Don’t Matter, Only Quality Does.

They have  worked with some of the finest necktie designers in the world to create a collection that if you put a designer name on it, would demand triple the price

Check our their new Indiegogo Site now!

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