Knight XV Conquest


Knight XV Conquest

For the Gentleman that truly has everything..  The Knight XV Conquest.  The offroad vehicle that will get you out of town no matter what is happening..

Best Bug Out Vehicle Ever

Knight XV Security Features

After you are done drooling over the fine leather and sweet sound system, you can move on to the real reason you are purchasing this hog- the security appointments. The Knight XV comes standard with the following survivalist features:

  • Front and rear night vision cameras
  • Roof mounted rear view camera
  • Transparent, tinted, armor glass throughout
  • Transparent moon roof panels
  • Run flat system on all tires
  • Passive anti-theft key system
  • Under vehicle explosive protection system
  • Under vehicle magnetic attachment detector
  • Black box made for vehicle usage
  • Fire resistant security safe
  • Oxygen survival kit
  • Positive pressure defense system against gas attacks
  • Exterior surveillance camera
  • Fire extinguisher

Optional Features

Although the truck comes stock with some pretty serious protection the owners have the option to upgrade their trucks based on their own individual requirements. For example, the ballistic glass used in the Knight can be upgraded to meet the required protection and tint level. Not that you would be so concerned about the tint if you were choosing to upgrade a truck that comes bullet proof. The engine too can be upgraded to a Flex Fuel package or a 400 HP diesel package that, in case you were wondering, is U.S. DOT compliant.

Knight XV

Ultimate Survival Vehicle - Knight XV

Best Bug Out Truck Ever!


Knight XV Rims - Serious Survival Rims

Top it off with an armored grille, commercial grade air ride suspension and joystick controlled search lights, and you are just starting to get into what makes this monster moan like a wildebeest.

How do you get one? Put $25,000 down to secure your deposit along with your Production Reservation Order Form. How much will it run you? Only about $295,000. I guess it pays to live, and with the Knight XV, you certainly increase your chances.

Bug Out Vehicle - K

Knight XV 4

Knight XV

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