Kahn Land Rover Defender 6×6


Kahn Land Rover Defender


Okay, I know, thanks to Dan Bilzerian everyone knows about the 6×6 monster from Mercedes.  But I think the guys over Kahn Designs have come up with a 6×6 Defender that will blow it away!

Previously seen only in concept form, the Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman 6×6 is finally available for purchase. This insane conversion adds an extra 31.5 inches to the rear, space used for the third axle and extra gear, and over 15 inches in the front to accommodate the 430hp, 6.2L GM-sourced V8 engine. The exterior is clad in dark gray “Volcanic Rock Satin”, while the interior features custom red leather seating and upholstery with harris tweed trim and a number of features you won’t find on any factory Defender.

Get one now for only $315,000





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