Hands on with the Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretiere


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In general Erotic Wristwatches always seem a bit to garish, but the latest Erotica Jarretiere from Ulysse Nardin, is slightly less NSFW and a lot more refined.

Of course any conversation about this watch will start with the dial, a romantic scene of a lovers tryst is engraved into a black onyx dial. The woman’s kicked off heels and discarded garter litter the floor by the chaise lounge, and in gold the couple themselves are embraced in the throws of passion.  The muted design of the dial, makes the scene more romantic than pornographic.

Lovers of fine mechanical workmanship will be impressed with the self winding UN-611 Calibre. Giving the timepiece a 41 hour power reserve and featuring a striking mechanism that sound the hour and the half hours.  The chimes can be activated and deactivated via a pusher at the 2 o’clock position, and the on/off indicator is discretely positioned between the 2 o’clock and the center of the dial.

Of course the true conversation starter of the timepiece is the Jaquemarts movement when the chimes are activated. With the amount of detail Ulysse Nardin had put into the couple, the realism and passion comes shining through, making the watch much more refined than it’s counterparts.

Encased in a 42mm Rose Gold case (also available in Platinum) the Hourstriker wears quite comfortably .

Limited to only 28 pieces, it will add a very unique twist to your collection.

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