Going Hunting? 5 Tips for Carrying Weapons with Caution


Safety is crucial when out hunting. In Canada and the United States, about 1,000 people are shot in hunting accidents every year. While one of the biggest safety measures you can do is to automatically assume that any firearm you come into contact with while you are hunting, there are a few more important things that you can do to safely and cautiously carry your weapons while hunting.

Use a Leather Holster For a Handgun

If you are going to conceal carry a handgun while hunting, you need the right holster. If you plan on hunting when it is cool outside, a leather holster is ideal for keeping your handgun safe. Plastic and metal will produce a chill through clothing in colder climates and be distracting, but leather will stay a bit warmer.

Use a Retention Holster

Having positive retention is important. Since you are participating in physical activity, there is always the potential for your gun to slip out if not properly secured. Therefore, having a retention holster can help to keep you safe. You should be matching your holster with a durable around-the-waist gun belt.

Keep Your Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction

Regardless of whether you’re carrying a rifle or a handgun, you should always be mindful of where your muzzle is pointed. If you do not plan on shooting at something, do not point your muzzle at it. This seems common sense, but practicing muzzle safety is crucial, even for seasoned hunters. If you are with a hunting buddy, you can check each other’s muzzle direction and work together to hold each other accountable for practicing safety techniques.

Don’t Leave Your Finger On the Trigger

This also seems like common sense, but leaving your finger inside the trigger guard while carrying your weapon without intent to shoot can get someone injured or even killed. Remember to leave your finger off of the trigger unless you are ready to take your shot.

Use a Durable Case

How much do you value your gun? Keep in mind that, with the right case, your equipment will always be protected. Also, this keeps you and other people protected since you are not subject to a careless accident while your gun is in a hardcover case. A good case can travel anywhere with you and take a beating for years.

Carrying weapons while hunting is a great responsibility. Following these five simple tips can help keep you, your comrades, and your weapons safe. You do not want an enjoyable hunting trip to end due to an accident that could’ve been prevented.