Glide through the water like a Dolphin with the Subwing


Who says you have to be above the water to have fun with a ski boat?  The Subwing takes the fun UNDER water.

With Subwing, you can choose your own pace and glide directly above the ocean sand floor, do thrilling twists and turns, or simply cruise along at the surface of the water. You easily control the movement of the Subwing by tilting the wings in the direction you want to go, which allows you to easily achieve dives (up and down) and sideways movements or spins. Just attach it to a boat with a recommended rope length of about 15 meters (use longer ropes for deeper dives). The only equipment needed is a diving mask. If you want to equalize ear pressure, the rear triangle rubber grip is designed for controlling it by one hand.

To achieve the right stiffness in combination with a light weight and durable structure, it is constructed of carbon fiber using advanced and innovative production methods. It’s made of 6K Twill Carbon Fiber and a durable epoxy glue, and the center swivel is made of a combination of rubber and stainless steel. The attached ropes are made of Dyneema fibers, which are considered as the world’s strongest fiber used in ropes

From $239

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