Friday Shower Thoughts for 3/3/17


Sometimes your best thoughts come to you in the shower… here’s a collection of the best we could find this week..

  • George Washington led an army against Great Britain so that one day we could stuff tiny portraits of him into stripper’s underwear
  • When you’re entering your password to login to a website, they should put, “When you created your password, we required you to have at least one number and one symbol”
  • Robots are becoming people while people are becoming robots
  • Hotel California must have terrible Yelp reviews
  • You’d probably be judged more for drinking two sodas back to back than two beers.
  • Money you use to buy nuggets is chicken tender.
  • Do you ever smell something so bad but you smell it a second time just to reaffirm to yourself how bad it smells?


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