Friday Shower Thoughts 2/10/17


Sometimes our most profound thoughts come to us in the shower… here’s the best from this week

  • It’s funny how those pastors on TV stretch out their hands and everybody falls to the ground, except for the cameramen.
  • Everyone in my life says “I wish I was rich so I didn’t have to do anything all day” but I wish I was rich so I could do everything all day.
  • Alcohol is the adult version of the toy you bring to your friends house
  • If ‘w’ is ‘double-u’ shouldn’t ‘m’ be ‘double-n’?
  • When i was younger, I trusted my parents’ driving skills without a doubt. As an adult, riding with my parents terrifies me.
  • I should make a list of all my favorite films and videos so that when I’m older and get Alzheimers i can just have someone put that list on repeat and get my mind blown every day.
  • Saying “ASAP” makes it sound urgent. Saying “as soon as possible” feels like saying “whenever you can”
  • Horrifying and terrifying are both synonyms, but horrific and terrific are basically antonyms.
  • Sometimes a bad example is at least as valuable, if not more than, a good example.


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