Fishbone Charging Station


Gentlemen, we all know that tangled cables are an unfortunate product of modern life, thanks to all those devices we carry. Until good wireless charging is a thing, I suspect that will never change; but this USB hub with its neat cable-management system might stave off insanity a little longer.


Owning several devices, or living with other people who own more than one device can pose some problems, especially when it comes to charging them. Here are the most common problems:

1) Not enough electrical outlets to charge all your devices; family and friends have to take turns charging.

2) You’re forced to charge from a laptop or desktop USB port, which can take more time especially when charging many devices at once.

3) Even if there are multiple ports or outlets, the USB cables make a real mess (an absolute horror for all you neat freaks)!

Fishbone – Just The Right Solution, At The Right Time

Despite all the choices available, Fishbone is the only USB charging station that helps keep the cables organized, charges fast, and has a sleek, modern look.

Organized: Keep Cables Tangle-Free

Fishbone Charging Station is made to make it easier to keep your devices’ cables neat and organized while charging. Just connect the cables, and wrap the cables around Fishbone’s body.

Optimal & Efficient : Smart Charging

Fishbone’s smart charging ports with a combined maximum output of 6.8A will automatically detect and adjust the power output to suit your device’s charging needs, whether it’s Android or an iDevice

*Optimal charging for Android device will be determined based on the specific make and model of your device
*Optimal charging for Android device will be determined based on the specific make and model of your device

Unique & Compact : One-of-a-kind Docking System

You probably own many devices, all of which need to be charged. That’s why we designed the Fishbone to charge up to 5 devices of almost any size or weight.

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