Steak Locker..Dry Age Your Own Steaks


We all love a good steak, but finding a butcher who actually dry ages them for you can be difficult. Now you can achieve that succulent flavor on your own at home!

Steak Locker is the world’s first chef inspired fridge that professionally and safely dry ages prime steaks at home, saving 70% on current steak prices. This cabinet-sized fridge incorporates the latest cloud technology and allows you to operate the fridge through your smartphone.

This innovative fridge includes many accessories. The Steak Locker Smart App runs on either an iOS or Android smartphone, and will be included as a download instructional leaflet.

The Steak Locker Himalayan Salt Brick is naturally antibacterial and is used to enhance the flavor of the dry age meat, assisting in humidity control.

The Steak Locker Silk Spice Pouch delivers additional flavor and intensifies the natural beef aroma.

The Steak Locker Hygrometer controls the humidity inside the fridge and can be managed by your smartphone.


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