DiamondBoxx Model L // Gold Pearl


If you love the design and feel of a classic boom-box, but want the mobility, volume, and sound quality of the world’s highest-end speakers, look no further than the DiamondBoxx Model L, a triumph of mobile sound engineering. A rechargeable system of lithium ion batteries and neodymium magnets allow for up to 20 hours of continuous play away from a charger, with a built-in illuminated diamond whose colors change to let you know your battery level; Bluetooth and a wired auxiliary port make it compatible with almost any device; the custom-engineered USB port lets you charge your devices; and, of course, these speakers have an unparalleled sound quality that can fill any space.

Even better, multiple Diamondboxxes can be connected through a common guitar cable for synched play — connect two for enough sound to carry a dance floor, or connect many for a sound that will fill up a stadium. The only audio system you’ll ever need, they’re the perfect investment for the true audiophile.

Get Yours for $699

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