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Bespoke Shoes from Robert August


What could be better than owning a pair of beautiful handmade shoes?  How about owing a pair of shoes that no one else in the world owns?  With Robert August you can do just that!

Robert August offers their clients the ability to create a truly unique pair of shoes (or boots) using their 3D Design Studio.  The options are seemingly endless, in fact using the options and materials available, you could create BILLIONS of different designs.

That sounds great you say.. but what about the Quality?  Glad you asked!  Every pair of Robert August Shoes is handmade in Spain by some of the most skilled craftsmen in Europe.  The gentlemen over at Robert August informs me that they have contracted with one of the oldest and most respected shoe factories in the world.  If you are a fan of luxury footwear, there is a good chance you are wearing a pair of shoes created in the same factory (just paying twice as much for them!)

Robert August also offers a Beautiful Hand Patina Finish.  Their hand patina takes an artist 8-10 hours to apply, but when you see them in person, you know it was worth all that time and patience

Robert August Shoes

Get 20% Off

There system is easy, trust me I’ve ordered three pairs for myself already!

There are three ways to order.  The first and easiest is to order from their pre-designed selection in the catalog.  They have several hundred designs already to order (but each item is still handmade when ordered)

The second way, is to check out their “Get Inspired” Collection.  This is a large section of the catalog that while already pre-designed, they are ready to be customized.  Say you like everything about a certain design, but you want to change the soles from leather to rubber.. just click the Customize this button and your are on your way..

The third option is to start from scratch, and pick every detail from the beginning to the end.

I for one, like the Get Inspired Section. I found several designs that got me started and then I changed them up and made them my own.

Here is a video of me designing a pair of Single Monks.

Here is some shots of my shoes when they finished them.

Since then I’ve also ordered a pair of Wingtips and a pair of their Corsini Joggers.  I will tell you, I was amazed at how well they fit right out of the box.  Usually it takes me a couple of days to break in a new pair of shoes, but I wore my Single Monks to an Event the night they arrived and 8 hours later my feet were comfy as ever.  I guess handcrafting has its benefits!

Don’t just take my word for it,  Check them out yourself and for Baum List Readers they are offering a 20% discount, use code baum-20 at check out!

Robert August Shoes

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Here’s a few more pics from their site to enjoy!

Robert August Shoes

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