Cigar Cork


Do you enjoy a nice cigar? Do you wish you had a way to store them better?  Here is the best way I’ve ever seen.

The Cigar Cork is one of the most revolutionary developments to the cigar industry in the past century. A reusable cigar humidification and flavoring system that stores and humidifies cigars in an airtight pressurized tube, it’s designed to give you years of use and improve your smoking experience. You can flavor your cigar with your spirit or beverage of choice by applying a few drops to the moisture core inside each Cigar Cork top. It can also be used to store and transport loose or pipe tobacco or used as a flask with your favorite liquor— made of high-grade impact resistant acrylic, they’re sturdy enough to take anywhere. Ultra mobile, durable, and sleek, the Cigar Cork lets you appreciate the finer things in life — any time, anywhere.



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