Artis Wall – Reclaimed Wood Paneling


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Love the look of a reclaimed wood? Wish you could replace a wall or two with that rustic look, but think it would take thousands of dollars and hiring a contractor?  Artis Wall is your solution.

Made of authentic reclaimed wood from old barns and buildings around the US, the history-infused planks come in various lengths, are lightweight, and easy to work with.  There’s no need to hire professionals or use expensive tools for installation; the pieces of wood attach via adhesive strips, allowing for effortless removal without damaging your walls, and also for later reuse.  A truly simple and smart way to create beautiful accent walls with character.


Artis Wall let’s you create a multitude of looks for you home, and if you want to move, or just change the look, it is removable.

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Above Fireplace



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