Armin Strom Royal Flush Tourbillon


Armin Strom CEO Serge Michel with his top Technicians and Watchmakers.

Armin Strom has introduced a set of Four Piece Unique just for the Card Player in all of us.  Just in time for the World Series of Poker Main Event!

The Armin Strom Tourbillon Royal Flush is based on the Tourbillon Fire and features an engraved Royal Flush on the reverse side of the movement and more cards are visible on the two Main Spring Barrels, viewed through the Signature Open Worked Dial.

Tourbillon Royal Flush Hearts

Tourbillon Royal Flush Hearts

Only Four Lucky Individuals will be able to enjoys these Piece Uniques, as Armin Strom is only producing one for each Suit in your Deck of Cards. Spades,Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.

Reverse of the Hearts Royal Flush

Heart Flush Engraved on the Reverse of the Movement

The Armin Strom Royal Flush Tourbillon features a 43.4mm Rose Gold case, with Armin Stroms Signature open worked dial.  The Calibre ACT11 in house movement has a 1 min tourbillon that acts as the second hand, and it’s two main spring barrels provide a 10 day power reserve.

Priced at $137,000

I currently have the Heart Flush in Stock!  Contact me for details

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