41 Things Every Man Should Have


We here at the Baum List spend a lot of time introducing you to the newest and greatest gadgets.  But here is a list of 41 things everyman should have.

  1. A well made suit (tailored is a must!)
  2. One great Coffee Table Book that all your quests will want to pick up.
  3. A Well Made Bottle Opener
  4. A Great Pair of Headphones
  5. A Decent Watch (visit VegasWatchGuy for tips)
  6. One Great Chefs Knife
  7. A Knit Tie (It’s the tie that can be dressed up or down)
  8. One Good Pen
  9. A Toolbox with at least a few screwdrivers, a hammer, tape measure and a pair of pliers.
  10. A Camera (one not connected to a cellphone)
  11. A Secret Ingredient that you use to make dishes your own.
  12. Fantastic Coffee Maker
  13. A Good Navy Blazer
  14. Power Tools
  15. A Bottle of Whiskey you only break out for special occasions
  16. Proper Beer Glasses
  17. A Zippo Lighter (Even if you don’t smoke.)
  18. A Properly Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
  19. An Emergency Cash Stash (Because when emergencies strike, money helps.)
  20. A well worn pair of Jeans
  21. A Comfortable Bathrobe to wear on Lazy Sunday Mornings
  22. A comfy pair of slippers to wear with that Bathrobe
  23. Sunglasses that will pass the test of time
  24. Proper Stationary for writing actual letters
  25. A Chair that is yours and only yours
  26. A Well made leather belt
  27. A Great Pair of Cufflinks
  28. A Good Pair of Boots
  29. A Good Pocket Knife
  30. A Great Grill
  31. A Proper Coffee Mug (without a company name or #1 Dad on it)
  32. A beat up pair of Sneakers
  33. A Weekender Bag
  34. A pair of Durable Work Gloves
  35. One REAL piece of Art
  36. A Classic Leather Wallet
  37. A Good Copy of your Favorite Book
  38. A Full Size Umbrella (without any company/brand logos)
  39. A Dopp Kit for travel
  40. A Good Deck Of Cards
  41. A PASSPORT (get out there and use it!)

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