2-Person Canopy Barrel Sauna



Winter time is a great time to enjoy the relaxing heat of a Sauna, and this one is perfect for you and that someone special. That this sauna is also shaped like a whiskey barrel only makes Almost Heaven’s 2-person hot box that much closer on the almost scale to heaven.


The 60″ barrel and its interior benches are American-made of Western Canadian Red Cedar. So too is the canopy on the sauna’s exterior, which provides a covered circular porch for use as a cool-down area and protected place to set towels and drinks. A 4.5kw stainless steel Finnish-style heater stirs the sweat glands and has a built-in 8-hour delay timer for scheduled heating. Additional accents, including bands, hinges, and hardware, are also made of stainless steel.


Almost Heaven ships its Barrel Sauna to you and your favorite detox mate as a partially assembled kit, which should take 3 or so hours to put together.

Get yours now! From $3475

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